A New Chapter

Please don’t hate me. I know I’m a rubbish blogger. I haven’t posted in months, but I have been extremely busy – I promise!

I just wanted to give you all a little update, because it may help some of you who are suffering or know someone suffering from a mental illness.

If you read my blog, you’ll know that I have been battling generalised anxiety, panic disorder and depression for a REALLY long time. Last year, I took the extremely hard decision to finally seek help. I started taking antidepressants and began seeing a therapist.

They have helped me SO MUCH. Seriously, if you have any doubts about getting help – please don’t hesitate to contact me. At the beginning of 2016, if I told myself that I would start to feel ‘normal’ again, I would have laughed in my face. But honestly, I have never felt better.

Life is moving so fast at the minute and I’m quickly approaching a new chapter. I’ll soon be graduating and moving 150 miles up North, to start a fresh. I have an interview tomorrow (I’m SO excited, not nervous) and my partner and I are looking at houses.

I honestly never thought this would happen to me. I never believed I’d be able to speak confidently on the phone my future employer or be excited about an interview or even consider moving somewhere completely new.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that IT WILL GET BETTER. If you’re suffering from a mental illness, whatever that may be, there is help out there. And it does help. You will have an amazing future, even if you don’t believe it yourself.



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