My MH Journey – The dreaded appointment.

Hello! Just a tiny update regarding ‘My MH Journey’ which I stared last week (you can read the first part here).

So if you read last week’s post, you’ll know that today is the day:

24th October 2016 at 09:50.

This morning I went to my first ever doctors appointment (yaaay finally!). I was nervous, but weirdly not as nervous as I had expected. I think I’d reached the point where I was just ‘done’ with feeling shitty and I was ready for that to change.

The doctor was lovely and listened to what I had to say. Although, there was a clear difference between her and the member of my university’s Mental Health Team – who organised the doctor’s appointment. It was as though the doctor had less understanding. She didn’t really ‘get’ what I was saying. I had to fill in a super patronising form, which didn’t really ask anything relevant to my situation. But she gave me what I wanted. What I needed.

Medication. Sertraline.

I’ve taken my first pill and, as expected, I feel like utter crap. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this sick. But I know this will pass. I know things should get better.

I’ve spent the majority of the day cuddled up in blankets, watching movies and carving pumpkins. A cosy day. My mood already seems better. Probably just because I can actually see a happy future, for the first time in years and it’s incredible.Β 



16 thoughts on “My MH Journey – The dreaded appointment.

  1. lauracloughley says:

    Hey Jade,

    I read your first post about your MH Journey just yesterday morning, I think right before your appointment and I was hoping you would get on okay! I’m glad you were able to see someone at uni as well, they definitely have a far better understanding of MH than some doctors do! But I’m glad you were able to get something off the doctor as well – I just started Sertraline myself so I’m with ya with the nausea! Let’s hope it fades quickly πŸ™‚

    Take care xx


  2. Lisa says:

    Oh the first week on any medication is awful. It’s true though, GPs don’t feel as supportive as anyone who’s trained in MH. Luckily they can refer to community teams or or Uni will support you πŸ’• Well done for taking the first steps πŸ’•

    Lisa |

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  3. Ashley says:

    The adjustment to medication can be super difficult, but I’m so proud of you for taking these steps! Thank you for writing about your MH journey. It helps to know others are going through something similar.

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  4. mchi. says:

    I’m actually incredibly happy that you’ve gotten the chance to experience this and you see a brighter and happier future for yourself. It makes a bit saddened that you felt that you couldn’t connect well, in regards to understanding, with your doctor and that you had to fill out one of those patronising forms (those are pants, absolute pants), but I’m also glad you walked out feeling like you could step ahead.

    (Sidebar: I hope the meds work for you, I know that they can be hit or miss and have side effects that aren’t the greatest. I hope you power through it and find the happiness you deserve.)

    mchi |


  5. Sophie says:

    I have been putting off going to the doctors for a long time but i’m getting closer and closer to getting the courage to go and this made it that little bit easier to go. I think it’s hard when you don’t know what to expect but i’m glad you’ve started this journey to getting help! I hope the meds help and that the sickness settles soon!xxx

    soph –


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