One step at a time…

Whilst at uni, in the middle of my excruciatingly long 4 hour break, I decided to have a walk around campus. My campus is absolutely beautiful. The pure beauty, the joy of taking photos and the glorious sunshine, put me in an amazing mood. So much so, that I did something that I am incredibly proud of.

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression, for a long while now and I have been putting off seeking help since the beginning. My mental health is, unfortunately, starting to become a huge issue – especially when it comes to my studies.

I’ve had enough.

Today I finally took the huge step and sent a long, blabbering application form to my university’s mental health team. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but for me this is incredible.

They replied almost instantly, explaining how they will soon be in touch to arrange a meeting. I am more than terrified and I’m extremely worried about them not being able to help me. But I did it and I’m proud. I’m one tiny step closer to becoming me again.

(Also, here are the photos of my pretty campus).



10 thoughts on “One step at a time…

  1. Danielle ( says:

    Well done on knowing when to get help! I know it can be so hard, especially when you have to deal with forms on your own. I put it off for so long with my university because I didn’t want to fill out the form online haha. Sometimes having the help there can be such a lifesaver if you’re struggling with deadlines.

    Your university is so gorgeous too, I can’t believe how peaceful it looks!


  2. Hannah says:

    Your campus looks beautiful and such a peaceful place to study. I’m so happy that you feel ready to reach out and get some advice with your mental health. It’s a big achievement and one you should be proud of. I really hope they will be able to help you.

    Hannah |

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  3. keepingupwithMJ says:

    Such beautiful photos and I love how you wrote of this post! Made me really engaged. It’s always great to express ourselves and you did just that! Asking or even reaching out for help is always good to do. 💗💗💗


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