Girls, why the hate!?

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about for today’s post. But after recent events on Twitter (I’ll not bore you with the details), I was suddenly inspired. It may be short and ‘ranty’, but it’s a blog post all the same.

Girls hating on other girls. I see it everywhere. Whether it’s on a reply to a photo on Instagram or a bitchy remark on Twitter. Whether it’s about their makeup or clothes or boys or the amount of money they have, some girls just can’t be nice to other girls.

Maybe it’s in our DNA? I don’t know. But for one, I know that I don’t get anything from putting other girls down. It’s such an unattractive trait and extremely unnecessary. So why do some of us still do it?

Throughout my entire childhood I was bullied by other girls, for the way I look (you can find more here) and because my family couldn’t afford things others could. It made me feel horrible. I know that not everyone has been the victim of bullying (thankfully), but everyone has had at least one nasty comment directed at them, right? If you have, you will never forget that feeling in the pit of your stomach. So why would you want to make someone else feel the way you did?

To all you girls out there, who insist on putting others down, 

We should make each other feel good. We should compliment that lip shade or eye makeup, even if it’s not our style. We should celebrate our similarities and our differences. We should be proud of what all women have achieved and how far we have come. Not constantly make each other feel shit, simply because of who we are. Stop competing. Stop the bitching. 

“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”

– Edith Wharton



16 thoughts on “Girls, why the hate!?

  1. Karina says:

    Love this post! Wish girls were nicer to each other! Why do we do it though!? Definitely learnt the hard way when I was younger with being bullied to! Now, I try and be nice as it’s definitely the way I’d want to be treated! X

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  2. Charlotte says:

    I love this, I also got bullied by other girls and now when I meet a girl who’s genuinely nice I worry incase they are just acting, girls can be so bitchy sometimes.
    Really truthful and relevant post lovely!
    Charlotte xx

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  3. Lorna says:


    And how boring is all the drama?!

    I kid you not, all I’ve heard about today is a girl on Instagram who is having a jealousy-induced hiss fit at another. And the saga goes on and on and on, I won’t bore you with the details.

    I just don’t have time for it!

    Other people’s successes don’t take anything away from your own achievements. Bleugh!

    Lorna |

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  4. Jessica Emily says:

    I love this and I blog about these sorts of things too. We should be building each other up and supportinf each other not tearing others down! We are all different there is no need to compare all the time. Great post – thank you! X

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  5. lisa says:

    I like to think it’s not in our DNA but it’s sad but true, you just see so much cattiness from girls than boys! I was bullied as a teenager so I absolutely wouldn’t want to put anyone else through it. So I’m all for #GirlPower!
    Lisa |

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  6. Hannah says:

    I absolutely love this post. I’ll never understand why girls put other girls down. There’s already too pressure on girls in society, which is why we all need to support each other and embrace our differences. Really well written post.

    Hannah |

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  7. Vanisha says:

    I totally agree! I personally thing it’s a societal construct that profits off of insecurities and so needs girls to compete with each other, but whatever the reason it doesn’t matter because so many girls are standing up to it! I love seeing posts like this because we need to spread positivity and #GirlLove! X

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