Are They Contacts!?

Jade Writes

Nope. They are real!

I’m also not blind in one eye, I do see the same colours out of each eye and no, I did not consume my twin in the womb. It would surprise you how many times, I have been asked all of the above.

So what is it?

I actually have a trait called Heterochromia Iridum (HCI), which exists in 3 main forms; Central, Sectoral and complete. Central HCI is when the colour around the eye’s pupil, is different to the colour of the rest of the iris. Sectoral HCI is when there is a section or strip of the iris, that is different in colour to the rest of the iris. Complete HCI is when one iris is a completely different colour from the other iris. I have sectoral, which is confusing because they look complete (I have a section of blue at the top of my brown eye…

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