Are They Contacts!?

Nope. They are real!

I’m also not blind in one eye, I do see the same colours out of each eye and no, I did not consume my twin in the womb. It would surprise you how many times, I have been asked all of the above.

So what is it?

I actually have a trait called Heterochromia Iridum (HCI), which exists in 3 main forms; Central, Sectoral and complete. Central HCI is when the colour around the eye’s pupil, is different to the colour of the rest of the iris. Sectoral HCI is when there is a section or strip of the iris, that is different in colour to the rest of the iris. Complete HCI is when one iris is a completely different colour from the other iris. I have sectoral, which is confusing because they look complete (I have a section of blue at the top of my brown eye, right underneath the eyelid).


Another random photo of my eyes

Approximately 1% of the entire population of Earth has HCI and it occurs, in animals and humans alike, for a variety of reasons. Some people are simply born with HCI, which is usually due to an inherited dominant trait. These people will have parents with it too. Other people may acquire HCI (e.g. due to an injury to the iris). Chimerism and genetic mosaicism are also causes (and produce some very beautiful animals!!). It can also be a characteristic of various syndromes and diseases, such as Waardenburgs syndrome, pigment dispersion syndrome, (congenital and acquired) Horner’s syndrome and piebaldism.


A beautiful cat displaying chimerism characteristics. (Photo credit:

Celebrities with Heterochromia

Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth and her lovely blue-brown sectoral HCI. (Photo credit:

Mila Kunis

Movieline's 4th Annual Young Hollywood Awards - Arrivals

One of my favourite actresses, Mila Kunis and her blue-green complete HCI. (Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage @

Jane Seymour


Jane Seymour with her very unique heterochromia, blue-brown sectoral in one and blue-brown central in the other. (Photo credit:

  Max Scherzer


Max Scherzer and his complete blue-brown heterochromia. (Photo credit: John T. Greilick / The Detroit News)

    Sarah McDaniel


Sarah McDaniel and her blue-green complete heterochromia. (Photo credit:

     Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill and his blue-brown sectoral in one eye and central in the other. (Photo credit:



David Bowie DID NOT have heterochromia. In fact, one of his pupils was permanently dilated (anisocoria) after being punched during school. (Photo credit:

Heterochromia and Me

Luckily, my HCI is harmless – however I wasn’t just born with it. I was born with blue eyes and one began to change brown, when I was around 18 months old. My parents were obviously terrified and made a hospital appointment as soon as possible. The doctors performed a variety of tests, but failed to find any health issues at all.

I do however have other mutations, one called Distichiasis. This mutation causes multiple layers of eyelashes, instead of just one (I have 4 layers, I think??) which is annoying and sometimes very very painful. As well as Distichiasis, I also have a variety of different coloured patches in my hair (brown, blonde, red and sometimes black). Both of the mutations I believe to be connected, in some way, with heterochromia. On top of dealing with these, I also have the inability to find any eye shadow, other than nude, that looks half decent with both my eyes – so that’s a complete nightmare (please hmu with ideas!).


Yet another picture of my eyes. You can also kinda see the eyelash issue here.

My younger sister also has sectoral HCI, although the brown patch in her eye is a lot smaller than mine – only taking up approximately 25% of her eye. Due to my sister also having it, doctors believe HCI to be a recessive trait in both of my parents (they have the gene, but don’t display the characteristic) which is how it was passed on to us!

How Heterochromia Ruined School

My childhood was pretty difficult because of HCI. I was bullied from as early as I can remember, all the way up to year 7. The bullying got so bad throughout primary school, that the police were involved and visited me regularly. They told me to keep a diary, of all the things the bullies did to me – which reading it, still breaks my heart today. No child should ever go through that, especially because of the way they look. Although the bullies went to different secondary schools, I still received the odd hurtful comment from fellow pupils and teachers alike.

One incident, that I still remember so clearly and will probably never forget, was when my science teacher (let’s say he’s called…’Mr. Wan Carr’) made a comment in front of the whole class. Mr. Carr was taking a class about ‘Inherited Traits’ and obviously, I expected to be used as an example – I always was. But what I did not expect, was for him to write ‘heterochromia’ on the board, with a huge arrow next to it saying ‘complete freaks’. Now, I know it’s not the worst thing he could have said and if he said it to me now, I’d just punch him right in his massive bold head (Please note: I am not condoning violence) but I was 14 years of age!?!? He purposefully made a malicious comment, towards a child, in front of 30 other students who all proceeded to laugh. I wanted the floor to swallow me whole. The worst thing was, the school did absolutely nothing about it.

So What Do I Think of it Now?

I still receive nasty comments now, if anything adults are worse than the kids ever were – especially on social media. Outside of the internet, people stare, people whisper and point. For someone with anxiety, it’s the worst. I wish they would just ask me about it, instead of making me feel uncomfortable. Although it does still really bother me, I think I’ve stopped noticing as much when people stare. It’s more of a problem for David. He just wants to fight every guy that notices – which is quite funny.

Its been a love-hate relationship between me and HCI, but now I BLOODY LOVE my eyes. I’ve despised it my entire life, but why? Because others are too ignorant to ask me what it is? Because they would rather make me self-conscious, rather than compliment me or just keep their opinions to themselves? Because they are jealous? No more folks. I love my eyes, you won’t get to me.

They make me unique and proud to be me.

The Heterochromia Community

Last year, I was lucky enough to stumble across an amazing HCI group on Facebook, after a really horrendous girl used my photos to ‘catfish’ people online. This group was full of people like me and I’d never met anyone else with HCI before – so as you can imagine, this was in-cred-ible! I’d never before felt accepted, but now I’m part of this amazing community full of ‘heterochromians’ from all over the globe! Some members have been kind enough to share a few of their HCI stories for this post, so here they are:

“I performed an image search and then I saw the other types too and then something forced me to examine my eyes and then it hit home…I finally knew what was wrong with my eyes which is that I have Central (left) and sectoral (right). Heterochromia, the colors that I have are Brown, Green, Blue, Grey with golden glow”

– Joanna-ace zonder Van

“I’ve had enough people comment on my eyes for my patience to be tested over the years, but I do remain very patient and understanding with people unfamiliar with the condition. My eyes can be striking, since they contrast quite heavily, and I don’t blame anyone for staring. However, a funny bit is that I have a friend who has a rather bad case of OCD, and he can’t bear to look me in the eyes because the colours don’t match, haha. He’s very sweet, though…I was born with genetic mosaicism – I have 2 complete sets of DNA, and 46 chromosomes – an XX and an XY. Because of this, I am technically intersex – I was born without a uterus, and with no functional Fallopian tubes, as well as a small prostate instead of the usual parts. Externally, I appear, for all intents and purposes, as a female, and my sensitivity hasn’t been detracted from my condition, thankfully. The condition was caused when, in the womb, I had a triplet male sibling, whose zygote I had consumed. I was to be a diovual monozygotic twin – that is, 2 eggs combining to one sac. Most monozygotic twins are identical, but I was not. So consequently, when I absorbed the failed twin, I inherited his DNA, as well, and now have 2 different blood types, 2 different coloured eyes, 2 different patterns of kidney and liver tissue, 2 variants of bone marrow to produce the different blood, and an interesting immune system. My heterochromia, therefore, was resultant of my genetic condition”


Elizęwa Ziółkowska’s beautiful blue-brown complete heterochromia, caused by genetic mosaicism. (Photo credit: Elizęwa Ziółkowska).

– Elizęwa Ziółkowska

“I get a lot of weird comments and questions but my favorite is “do you see differently than other people?” Lol…I did have one incident that occurred because of my eyes. I was in the us Air Force and we have a flight line badge that provides a description and the security police would check that badge. At first my badge only listed my eyes as blue because there wasn’t space to put a color for each eye. Well the SP only saw my brown eye and thought that I wasn’t who I said I was. They quickly figured out how to list both eye colors on that badge.”

– Michelle Shuls Rohan

“I was born with two blue eyes. When I was between 2 and 3 years old, one of my eyes began to change color from blue to brown, but the other remained the same blue. Technically I have a genetic mutation in my blue eye, which did not allow my blue eye to follow suit and change to brown… I was 19 years old and working as a hostess at a restaurant back in Alaska. This group of older women walk in, around 60 years old, just chatting amongst themselves and kind of ignoring me aside from telling me their group number. When I turned to walk them to their table I immediately noticed one of them had two different colored eyes!! I was so excited, ‘ oh my god, you have two different colored eyes!’ I probably sounded like tons of people she’s heard throughout her life commenting on it. So she was kind of shrugging me off, and just said ‘yes I do’ and began walking herself to the table. Then I said, ‘so do I!!’ And I kid you not, that woman turned around so fast and grabbed my face! Her and her friends were telling me how beautiful my eyes were. It was a literal 180 turn from kind of being ignored to having 3 strangers hold your face for 5 minutes”


Dezarae Bascome’s stunning heterochromia. (Photo credit: Dezarae Bascome).

– Dezarae Bascome

“My worst experience was during class in college. We had a group project and no one had noticed my eyes before. Suddenly my partner says, omg your eyes are so cool! Everyone had to look, ask questions, etc then when it was time to get back to our project, she said she didn’t know what to say to me and that she couldn’t look at me without getting distracted by how strange my eyes are. I finished it on my own and she never spoke to me again”


Marsha Devine and her lovely heterochromia. (Photo credit: Marsha Devine).

– Marsha Devine

“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself” 
– Roald Dahl
all images are my own, unless referenced

59 thoughts on “Are They Contacts!?

  1. Charlotte says:

    I’ve never heard of this however it’s so unique, it gives you a really distinctive look!
    I didn’t know Mila Kunas had this either, you learn something new everyday!
    My eyes actually change colour somedays but I’m not sure why haha.
    Lovely interesting post!
    Charlotte xx


  2. itsbeccajayne says:

    EMBRACE THE SHIZZZ OUT OF THAT! I have a similar problem with my eyes so I actually am blind in one eye and this means my eyes drift off in 2 different directions. Nevertheless, it can’t be helped, and I’m so glad you’re accepting who you are. It’s pretty cool that only 1% of the population have this too! Great post, and very insightful lovely. I never knew this eye ytrait even existed until now! X

    Liked by 1 person

    • jadelsia says:

      It definitely can’t be helped, no point dwelling on it! I’ve never really thought how rare it is until now, definitely something to be proud of I guess! Thankyou for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Jade x


  3. linda cameron says:

    This was really interesting to read! I think your eyes look beautiful too, I don’t have any suggestions for eye shadow sadly but gurl rock your nudes!! I can’t believe your teacher was so horrid, I wish you could go and punch him haha x


  4. Teri May says:

    Everyone always thinks David Bowie had it, I wish he did I think it would have suited his personality so well! I am so, so glad you love your beautiful,unique eyes now and I’m so sorry people were so rude and cruel to you. I think they are FAB and I’m kind of jealous 🙂

    Teri-May xx


  5. Rock And Roll Girl says:

    This was so interesting to read! I never knew so much about it! The story of the class room and bullying was heart breaking. No one should be treated like that. If you ever meet that wretched sir again please punch him from my side!
    You are beautiful by the way.


  6. Stephanie says:

    This was such an amazing post to read. Your eyes are beautiful and I love that you told your story. Thank you for sharing from someone who was also bullied xo



  7. Jess says:

    People bullied you?? But your eyes are the prettiest, most intricately gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. Some people are clearly too jealous. I’d never heard of HCI before this post (and I originally thought it was going to be a post about the pros and cons of glasses vs contact lenses) but you’ve made me so interested and aware so thank you! It’s awful that people have tried to make you feel insecure about something that is so beaut xo

    Liked by 1 person

  8. James says:

    Your eyes are absolutly beutiful! I have no idea how anyone could make negative remark but quiet clearly they do and it’s heartbreaking to read what you have gone through, I completely relate to the bullying side of things but what that teacher did was beyond comprehension. I loved the aspects of positivity too. I think you’re awesome. Thank you for a great read 🙂


  9. Karina says:

    This is honestly such an interesting post, and had no idea that this had a name to it! I think your eyes look gorgeous, and really suit you! I have blue eyes but one has a brown strip through it and even I got named called when I was little. It’s horrible how some people can be so small minded! One of my favourite blog posts out there as learnt so much! Karina X


  10. whimsicalella says:

    This was so interesting to read! I’m really sorry that you were bullied at school because of this, society really doesn’t like anything out of the norm, does it? I personally think your eyes are gorgeous! So unique and stunning – in fact I’m kinda jealous!


  11. simpleandseason says:

    This is such an interesting post – I’d never heard of your condition and now I feel pretty ignorant! This isn’t the sort of thing I usually read but you made it so readable :). Congratulations on raising awareness in such a lovely way, and I think your eyes are BEAUTIFUL.


  12. keepingupwithMJ says:

    Omg, I absolutely love this post! So real, honest & straight up boss! Lol. Let them know girrrrl! Honestly I see no reason why you were ever bullied about that, your eyes are so pretty!! Girl haters will always hate! I was “teased” about my accent when I was younger & when I had braces, but look at me now! All the haters now look at me w/more envy but try to be nice. Lol. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel any less about you. Those eyes girl, gorg! I’d kill for blue eyes💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Princess Sarah says:

    This was a wonderful post and I am glad you are so proud of it! When I was younger, I learned about heterochromia and I wished and wished that I had it–I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Actually, I am writing a fantasy novel for NaNoWriMo that involves a main character that has heterochromia!


  14. Em says:

    Such an amazing post oh my gosh! Loved this, and I love your eyes, so beautiful! And I’m so happy that you’re comfortable with it. Great post lovely xx


  15. youmustbehighxo says:

    i’m genuinely confused as to how you could’ve ever been bullied…girl your eyes are absolutely stunning! one of the guys in our year has Heterochromia so i knew about it before this post but everyone loved him for it; his eyes were gorgeous. im glad you love them now though! xx


  16. mariajaneponcardas says:

    I never thought that having those eyes are subject to bullying. The eyes are actually so pretty! If i see someone like that in my place, i would want to stare to her/his eyes, appreciating it all day long!

    Never seen one in actual though.


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