Approximately 100 Things to Smile About.

Over the past week or so, I have noted down anything and everything that has made me smile or cheered me up – in the hope that I can refer to this post in future, when I am feeling a little low. So here goes:


David and I

My boyfriend, my family, my dogs, my lizard, my cuddly mammoth called Marth, my cuddly orangutan called Obie, elephants, animal paws, all other animals,


Scruff, miniature schnauzer cross (top left), Tia, Rottweiler (top right), Boss, Dogue De Bordeaux (bottom left) & Rex, bearded dragon (bottom right).

cuppa’s (with Yorkshire Tea), cacti, drawing, knee socks, new paint brushes, my camera, autumn leaves, crisp mornings, sunny evenings, books, sunsets, David Attenborough, David Attenborough’s voice, when my makeup looks good, when my eyebrows look good, when my hair looks good, music, Uncharted, good grades at uni, freshly painted nails, freshly changed bed sheets, Pitch Perfect 1, completing a run, phoning someone without panicking, when someone knows what heterochromia is,


My Heterochromia

when someone buys a painting, Wollaton Hall, Quorn chicken nugs, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Luther, the adverts that sponsor Emmerdale (especially the one that’s like ‘you know when you go past hungry’ in a Yorkshire accent), the colour burgundy, #TalkMH, hearing the owl that lives in the church next to my flat,


Deer photographed at Wollaton Hall.

Netflix, Catfish: The TV Show, the line “He shouldn’t have called me a fat Kelly Price”, the reaction to ‘#JustGoForAWalk’, countryside air, spiced rum with lime, sea breeze, museums, travelling, the tree outside my flat, photography, Belgium, Belgium beer, Delirium Bar,


Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium. Photographed 2015.

Fred Perry, getting tattoos, my sarcasm, The Great British Bake Off, getting my student loan, my car, long walks, nights out, singing (badly), blankets, Winter coats, late nights, early nights, Sheldon Cooper, Asda shop delivery, comedians, stationary, brand new notebooks, the ‘coo’ sound that pigeons make, red hot showers,


My favourite tattoo; representing my love for elephants and dream of working in elephant conservation in the future.

when Spotify gives me 30 mins ad free, Game of Thrones, walking through crunchy leaves, driving at night, the smell of books, signing a good petition, putting the Christmas decorations up, waking up at 6am on Christmas morning (still), when carpets or rugs are like really squidgy under your feet, cinema date nights, swimming in the sea,


The Catalonian sea, photographed 2016.

when my Nannan or Grandad have one too many shandies, people crying because they are happy, when I cry because I’m happy, when you watch a sad film and you cry a lot but then you feel all cleansed afterwards because you cried a lot, when babies laugh, when bar staff automatically give you a straw, dark lipstick, beards, Sheffield, the way your hair feels after a cut, You’ve Been Framed, slippers, when old clothes still fit, when baby animals fall asleep stood up, Toy Story, The Full Monty, getting a pointless answer on Pointless, the smell of acrylic paint and salad cream.


It has to be Heinz – Photo credit

“Dont let the silly little things, ruin your happiness” – Anon

– Jade x

All photographs are my own, unless referenced.


18 thoughts on “Approximately 100 Things to Smile About.

    • jadelsia says:

      Thankyou! (They are quite adorable aren’t they!?) But yes, it’s what gave me the idea – always letting silly things get to you, so why not let other silly things cheer you up? Thanks for the comment x


  1. itsbeccajayne says:

    I love posts like this!! It’s so good and healthy to reflect on things that are worth being happy about- and taking notice of those things is even better!! Loved the stuff you included… my tattoo also makes me smile and feel empowered. Great post lovely X

    Liked by 1 person

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